SBI PO 2019

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Package Includes 
80 Full Length Mocks for SBI PO (Available in English)
30 Practice Sets for SBI PO
10 Previous Years Practice sets for Electronics ( Available from 25 February 2019)

20 Topic wise Tests for First Stage (Available from 15 February 2019)

study notes eBooks (Available from 1st week of March)


Note: 25 Questions in each topic wise sets and 50 Questions in Each Previous Years's Practice sets for Electronics Exam.


Salient Features:
- Accessible on Avision Online store and Avision Mobile App
- Available in English Medium
- Detailed Solutions.
- Analysis of The Attempted Tests in Detail (All India Rank, comparison with toppers etc.)

Course Curriculam

  • SBI PO Preli Mock TEST-1 (100 Questions ) Start Test
  • SBI PO Preli Mock TEST-2 (100 Questions ) Unlock Now
  • SBI PO Preli Mock TEST-3 (100 Questions ) Unlock Now
  • SBI PO Preli Mock TEST-4 (100 Questions ) Unlock Now
  • SBI PO Preli Mock TEST-5 (100 Questions ) Unlock Now
  • SBI PO Preli Mock TEST-6 (100 Questions ) Unlock Now

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